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[Like Button] New Patrick Stump

28 June 2011

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Intelligently, I know this is about The Chi, but the beauty of a song like this is that it could be anyone’s home. YAY PHILLY!


Summer Concert Preview

27 May 2010

I haven’t been updating much since my main priority has been the job search, but I’ve been amassing tickets for the summer concert season and want to give a run down of what’s on my radar so far. And let me just say, I am SO excited for everything.

The first official concert of my summer is (appropriately) Backstreet Boys (June 12, Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City). I don’t have to explain how crazed I am for this show because I’ve been screaming about it forever. I’ve missed my Boys so much and can’t wait to see them perform the new songs. As it stands now, we’re making a whole weekend out of it, staying in a suite (FOR FREE!!) and checking out soundcheck. Who knows what other craziness we’ll get up to, but whatever happens, I’m just thankful that my heart is still touring the country and performing.

After that I MAY go to the Radio 104.5 Summer Show just because I adore Metric and want to see them terribly (June 28, Penn’s Landing), but nothing’s set in stone.

So far, July seems pretty tame with my only planned show being Warped Tour (July 16, Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden). I’m only looking forward to (really, REALLY looking forward to) seeing Motion City Soundtrack, but I haven’t missed a Warped since I was 11 so why ruin my record, lol.

August is jam packed, starting with AFI and Green Day (August 3, Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden). Every summer I feel like there needs to be one show to kind of end the season. It usually takes place in August and in Camden. It’s the kind of huge act that you can drop $20 and chill on the lawn for and still enjoy; just get crazy with a bunch of friends and say goodbye to summer. This is that show for me.

Also, I might suck it up and go to see Something Corporate (August 8, Penn’s Landing). At the moment I have every intention of boycotting it since I wasted time and money on a trip to California to see what I thought would be their only performance. But I wouldn’t be surprised if someone or something got me there anyway.

Finally, FINALLY Adam Lambert scheduled a Philly show. I just adore him. I’ve been waiting for this tour forever and I was so upset at the thought that I might not be able to go because every time I tried for tickets in NYC or Jersey I had no luck. But seeing him in my city is so much better (August 12, Tower Theater). I hate seated shows and I’m not too fond of the venue, but I’m confident I won’t be thinking about any of that once he takes the stage. So, so SOOOO excited!

The last show I have scheduled so far is fitting to be so as it is the last show ever for The Juliana Theory (August 22, Trocadero). I was a huge fan of them in high school and consider them to be one of the bands who helped me get as much into music as I am now. They’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of one of their albums by playing it straight through, and then calling it quits forever. I’m excited to see them but sad to see them go.


MiniBoone’s Big Changes

21 March 2010

Here is my review of the up-and-comers’ new EP, aptly titled Big Changes. The guys played Penn’s Pi Lam on Friday, and f you dig on insane, pick this up. It’s beautiful madness in a box.


Another one bites the dust.

28 February 2010

Sayonara, boys :-(

The Fall of Troy is ending after their spring tour dates.

Man, I am totally bummed. I’ve always been a fan of TFOT (not a huge one, but still a lover) and I got the chance to interview Andrew before they played The Church back in September. The show was great. Now I MUST make a point to see them at the Cali Bamboozle later this month. You know what, I think I’m going to really try and go and see them when they make their final Philly appearance in April. Envy on the Coast is supporting so I was seriously considering it to begin with. Hmm.

So bummed.


Snowmageddon 2010 via film

10 February 2010

Snowmageddon is upon us. Or Snowpocalypse if you like. Whatever it is, it is the third of the winter season clocking in at over 20 inches and is definitely SNOWtorious. SNOmg, we actually got thunderSNOW earlier, too.

Haha, I’m done I promise.

But Philly never gets this kind of snow. Not since the 30 inches in 1996, that is. To the west coast, stuff it. To the midwest, I now feel your pain.

This is what collected in my front yard. It's about up to my knee and I'm 5'6\

My poor street never gets plowed so there's about 2 feet lining it, halfway up the tire

And this is all that has collected in my backyard. You'd never know we had a depressed parking spot by the shed. It just looks like a ski slope.

This is crappy quality, but you get the idea.

EDIT: Hours later…and the snow is STILL falling…and accumulating:

It's the end of the world as we snow it.

EDIT II: in terms of the after effects, this is too funny. I am the Average Joe.


my high school self just had a heart attack

28 January 2010

One of the esteemed teachers in my music edumacation.

The Juliana Theory – August 22, 2010 – Trocadero – Philadelphia

So ridiculously excited. I needed something great. Thank you, universe!


Marianne Bernstein’s “Tatted”

9 December 2009

I love my city. It’s so gorgeous and artistic. Aside from the amazing art scene in traditional mediums, we also have equally amazing individuals who take their love of art and expression to the ultimate level.

Marianne Bernstein’s Tatted explores this in the most beautiful way possible. Pure Gold Gallery is kinda enough to house the exhibit, but I want it always and forever so needless to say, I want this book. And I’m a little bummed that my own art isn’t major enough to be included.

But it will be. Oh, yes, it will be one day.

What I like best about the whole project, in addition to the fact that it’s Philly based, is the ability for the subjects to describe their art in their own words.

An explanation for the ages.

All too often people with excessive body work as viewed as scoundrels, rebellious or uneducated. But this little addition shows that no matter how “weird” or “scary” someone’s tattoos make them, there’s still a human underneath that ink. I lilke that. A Lot. And I think a lot of people would do well to adopt that view.

Check out a few excerpts from Tatted here or buy it here.