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[Like Button] New Patrick Stump

28 June 2011

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Intelligently, I know this is about The Chi, but the beauty of a song like this is that it could be anyone’s home. YAY PHILLY!


The Vocal Hall of Fame

3 May 2011

This started out as a joke and has evolved into a playlist: my own personal vocal hall of fame.

This would be my dream team if I ever produced a collaborative record. It’s composed of voices that have stirred me to my core over the years for one reason or another. It’s short and is probably missing some key people you would expect to see from me, but these are the voices that stopped me in my tracks and made me fall in love. I anticipate this to grow slowly but surely, but considering that I began it sometime in 2002/2003 and it has less than 10 members, I’m not sure how often it will be updated. That being said, the last three were added within the past year so maybe I’m becoming more easily swayed, haha.

In order of induction

Davey Havock: The “OH!,” 2003 – Key Track: TBD
Patrick Stump: The Warble, 2005 – Key Track: TBD
M. Shadows: The Growl, 2007 – Key Track: TBD
Florence Welch: The Depth, 2010 – Key Track: “Cosmic Love”
Jared Leto: The Falsetto, 2011 – Key Track: “From Yesterday”
Cee Lo Green: The Whole Note, 2011 – Key Track: “No One’s Gonna Love You”

The Best Of playlist is in the works :-)


Very excited for music in 2011

26 December 2010

Just wanted to say a little about how very excited I am for what’s coming our way music wise in 2011. No, there’s not some great new band coming out because, ha, please. Just the opposite, actually. All my loves who have been with me for years upon years are releasing new material. Now, I am the first one to say I have turned into one of those old heads (even at only 24-years-old, lol) who complains about “music today” and refuses to leave the 90s/2000s up until ’04, ’05 if we’re stretching it. And you know what? I like it that way!

So I’ve got the two halves of my heart on tour (Backstreet Boys and My Chemical Romance) and new albums from Gym Class Heroes, Patrick Stump and Thursday. I’m sure there’s more that I’m unaware of, but the above mentioned are what I’m the most excited about.

“It’s sort of goth, a little pop. Some songs are like Bauhaus meets Depeche Mode; some are like Quicksand meets Weezer.” — Geoff Rickly on new album.

It’s going to be a great year!


an interesting take.

26 August 2009

Third Eye Blind’s Encomium

And in other news.

I can’t comment because I’m too busy cracking up. Actually, I shouldn’t be laughing. He’s probably really legit upset.


HAHA!!!! he’s my favorite

30 July 2009