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Like Button: Hell: The Sequel

17 June 2011

For me, The Slim Shady LP will always be one of those albums that no matter how much time has passed, I will remember exactly where I was when I fell in love with it and “Bad Meets Evil” was one of the best songs on there. Even before the beef, you could tell Em and Royce had the potential to blow up…and not in a good way. In a way, that love/hate relationship was so appealing because it was sexy and dangerous. In the end, they managed to produce something great!

I knew this collabo was happening, but I forgot about it until I stumbled upon the album on iTunes today; the cd came out Tuesday so I’m not all that late. I think “Above the Law” is my favorite, and it sure as hell describes my feelings over the past few weeks. Buying the album now!


The (Long Awaited and Incredible) Return of My Chemical Romance

28 September 2010

Click here for lyrics video (definitely worth watching!)

I love everything about the first single “Na Na Na” and I can’t wait ’til Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys comes out November 22/23 (it’s about damn time!)


no, this is not a joke.

1 October 2009

Yes, that is a Backstreet Boys header. No, I’m not joking. If you haven’t heard, I am STILL a rabid fan and my Boys have a new CD coming out next Tuesday called This Is Us. No, I don’t like the title, but the music is AWESOME. Check out the first single, “Straight Through My Heart (Soldier Down)” on iTunes and the rest of the (leaked) album on YouTube. My favorite I think is “Shattered.” I never heard Brian be so…raw.

They’re playing a show in NYC on the 6th for 200 people and the only way you can go is to win your way in. I entered 24 times. We’ll see if t happens. Lord knows that would be the greatest birthday present of all time.

Oh, yeah! My birthday is tomorrow. I’m turning my favorite age (23) AKA the age I will remain forever AKA 7 years ’til 30.

But in any case, this banner is staying up for awhile to show my support and solidarity for my Boys.

And I love the picture.


is that 70s punk i smell? i think it is!

2 August 2009

announcing: the return of my heart

1 August 2009

my babies are back!!!!



I just had a possibly important revelation.

29 July 2009

first, let me just freak out for a minute and say BACKSTREET BOYS NEW ALBUM, THIS IS US, OUT OCTOBER 6TH!!!

i’m SO excited! i’ve reallly missed my boys! and i thought they wouldn’t be around for the release b/c of their european tour dates. however, i just checked and from sept. 27 to oct. 30, they’re completely free. so they might do another nyc album release thing, which i will be at. and maybe they’ll even play a random show somewhere on my b-day. i would die.

shockingly enough, mtv is actually giving a crap about them again:

i just love it.

so here is my thought:

with mcr doing these random shows this weekend, this new album’s run is looking a lot like TBP (preview shows in summer, album in fall). i know they’re almost done, so there is a slight possibility that both mcr’s and bsb’s album will drop on the same day.

let me say that again:


will cara survive? only time will tell.


i want to be in LA this weekend.

29 July 2009

album almost done
& random shows friday and saturday.

the west coast sucks!!!!