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Interview with Andrew Forsman, drummer of The Fall of Troy: September 12, 2009

24 September 2009

Cara Donaldson: In the Unlikely Event is your fourth full-length album. How have you guys evolved or what have you changed between your debut album back in 2003 and now?

Andrew Forsman: We’re six years older now, so what we thought was cool back then, like lots of shredding and tricks like that, isn’t on this album. I guess you can say we’ve refined our tastes. This time around, we tried to make sure only the essential was there. We didn’t throw in everything that we could think of.

CD: In the Unlikely Event was recorded in Seattle and I know you guys are actually from Washington state. How was it working in such a historically musical city? Were you guys influenced by any of the famous bands that came out of Seattle?

AF: We’re like 20 miles north of Seattle and Nirvana is probably [singer] Thomas’ [Erak] favorite band, so yeah,s definitely. Lesser known bands, like The Blood Brothers and Pretty Girls Make Graves, those were the local bands we went to see when we were actually of age, so you’ll hear some of them in our music, too.

CD: Even though the album doesn’t come out until Oct. 6 I got to hear “Panic Attack!,” “A Classic Case of Transference” and “Single.” I really love all of them, but especially “Panic Attack!” Are those three songs an accurate representation of what the rest of the album will be like?

AF: Yeah, definitely. Obviously, there are other styles, but those three are a pretty good representation of the range we have because each is very different. That’s a perfect three song block.

CD: Are there any specific songs on the record that you think your fans or live audiences will really connect with?

AF: I think a great live track will be “Nature vs. Nurture.” The end is, I don’t want to say dragged out, but it is longer than usual that’s perfect for a sing-a-long.

CD: What’s your favorite song from your new album?

AF: “Dirty Pillow Talk.” I guess the best way to put it is that it’s really abrasive. There’s this strange guitar part at the beginning. That or “Nature vs. Nurture.”

CD: You guys got a new bassist. What’s it been like working with Frank Ene? What new styles has he brought to the band? Have there been any extreme professional or artistic differences between Frank and your former bassist, Tim Ward?

AF: Frank plays with his fingers, which Tim didn’t do. I think it gives the bass a little warmer tone. Frank is definitely a rhythmic bassist, which I can appreciate and makes it easier us to lock into being the rhythm section.

CD: Since I am an avid Guitar Hero player, I want to ask how you guys felt about having F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. on Guitar Hero III?

AF: That was one of the coolest things ever. I jokingly set that as my goal for the year, but I never thought it would actually happen.

CD: What makes you happier: the exposure from being on a nationally known game or the fact that the music editor for the game recognized the skills of the band?

AF: I think a lot of people who wouldn’t have normally heard us, now know us, so just getting our music out there is always great.

CD: I’ve attempted to play it. I’m not that great.

AF: Yeah, Thomas can’t play it either. I think he prefers real guitar.

CD: I heard some talk lately that these music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band should be seen as great new ways to market music.

AF: Yeah, it’s definitely a great way to get exposed if you’re on the edge of getting people to know you. But I guess it doesn’t matter if you’re a band that everyone knows or not; if the song is good, it’s going to stand out in the game. Video games have become such a bigger avenue for music. We’ve even had our stuff in a baseball game.

CD: I know the Philadelphia show next week is the first stop on the Thursday tour. Is this your first time playing with the band?

AF: We played festivals in Australia with them, but we weren’t on the stage together or anything. We’re looking forward to playing with them, definitely.

CD: Were you guys fans before?

AF: We’re big fans. Once Full Collapse came out, that was it. I was in high school and I just remember that being a great year.

CD: I know you guys have played Philly before, but have you ever played at the First Unitarian Church?

AF: Yeah, lots of times. I’m looking forward to sweating and just rocking out and having a good time.

CD: What’s your favorite thing about Philly or what are you looking forward to doing this time around during your brief stay?

AF: Well, I’m definitely going get a cheesesteask. But one of my favorite things is the Wawas, because I love ordering sandwiches on the screen. It’s fun to play with the touch screen and their sandwiches are pretty good, too. It’s a treat because we don’t have those out here.

CD: Any parting words?

AF: It’s always cool when people support music, whether they download it illegally or whatever. But it’s the best when they come out to a show and sing along, maybe buy a shirt.