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My current mood…

23 June 2011

…is best described through Ms. Emily Haines, as more often than not.


now playing: taking back sunday_ghost man on third

13 June 2009

when we cancelled happy hour, i opted to just go home instead of regrouping with others. best decision of this week.

i don’t ever just stop anymore. i’m always active, always going. i used to sit in my room with my christmas lights surrounded by tunes, reading or writing; i brought that back tonight and it was glorious. did a bunch of crosswords, finished my harry potter marathon, caught up on my magazines, discovered vintage no doubt.

i just wish the weather wasnt such shit. i loathe the summer. someone find me a city that never has humidity and that’s where i’ll live.

i have to call seattle tonight. i’m worried.

hello 4 a.m.