One of the greatest moments in cinema

7 June 2011

I think my reply says it all

3 June 2011

I will not be generalized!!!

NKOTBSB: You can’t crawl back into the culture-womb



3 JUNE 2011 | 9:23 PM EDT

This is the biggest load of BS I’ve ever read, haha. For someone who claims to be a “music writer” you seem to just not get it at all. And, just putting it out there because it’s absolutely true, NKOTB are very obviously riding the coat tails of BSB, who have been making current music and selling out tours since 2005. Yes, New Kids were the first…or the last depending on how you look at it, but they gave up. Backstreet is timeless. They are the last boy band rightfully standing and have very expertly navigated current trends to stay relevant after that 90s phenomenon died out and their hiatus in 2001. As a BSB fan since 1997, who has all their pre and post hiatus albums and has seen every single 21st century tour on more than one stop, I despise the fact that this collaboration is happening. It’s a gimmick and a joke and an excuse for pathetic “girls nights out” where people who only liked the hits of these groups come out and ruin it for the true fans. I’m pissed that I have to go to Wells Fargo to see my boys! I haven’t been in that arena for a Backstreet show since it was the First Union Center and the tour was for Black & Blue. It’s absolutely ridiculous. So yes, I agree with you that this tour is just a money maker, but not all of us are going for reasons of nostalgia and to act like foolish 10-year-olds; not all of us have been “duped.” Some of us are going to support a group of talented individuals who we’ve grown up with and respect and have been supporting for over a a decade.

And just for the record, I don’t give two shits about NKOTB and would give anything not to have to sit through them on Sunday :-)”

And yes, I realize that my last post was complaining and now I’m defending. But it’s just like with your hometown or your family–you can complain all you want about them but if someone else tries it, you’re all over that. GRR!


This is getting ridiculous…and not in a good way

13 May 2011


The Vocal Hall of Fame

3 May 2011

This started out as a joke and has evolved into a playlist: my own personal vocal hall of fame.

This would be my dream team if I ever produced a collaborative record. It’s composed of voices that have stirred me to my core over the years for one reason or another. It’s short and is probably missing some key people you would expect to see from me, but these are the voices that stopped me in my tracks and made me fall in love. I anticipate this to grow slowly but surely, but considering that I began it sometime in 2002/2003 and it has less than 10 members, I’m not sure how often it will be updated. That being said, the last three were added within the past year so maybe I’m becoming more easily swayed, haha.

In order of induction

Davey Havock: The “OH!,” 2003 – Key Track: TBD
Patrick Stump: The Warble, 2005 – Key Track: TBD
M. Shadows: The Growl, 2007 – Key Track: TBD
Florence Welch: The Depth, 2010 – Key Track: “Cosmic Love”
Jared Leto: The Falsetto, 2011 – Key Track: “From Yesterday”
Cee Lo Green: The Whole Note, 2011 – Key Track: “No One’s Gonna Love You”

The Best Of playlist is in the works :-)


They’ve still got it :-)

1 May 2011

One of these days

30 April 2011

Ursula Has Arrived

Before I take my last breath, I will transform myself into the sea witch Ursula for Halloween. This is just too amazing for words.

Speaking of too amazing for words, if you haven’t seen this token of beauty yet, you’re missing out:

Disney has a whole campaign with various celebrities portraying characters and it is just so great!


Mixed Feelings

13 April 2011

Even though we all know that I am a diehard Backstreet Boys lover and supporter, I have been trying to ignore all the hype around the Boys’ tour with NKOTB this summer. I pretend I don’t hear everyone and their mother (sometimes literally, people’s moms) running up asking me to tell them how excited I am. I guess they didn’t realize that unlike most people on this planet, I have actually been going to see BSB since their hiatus ended in 2005, so I’m not really looking forward to seeing my guys share a night with anyone let alone another boy band. I’m not just treating this like a some pathetic girls night out to feel nostalgic.

I was doing pretty well, too…until THIS came out:

I’m sorry, but it really is just a gimmick and I LOATHE gimmicks.

The really horrible part is this tour is going to make a lot of annoying girls realize that Backstreet never left and now they’re going to show up at tours and irritate the hell out of me and all the other real fans who never forgot about the Boys. So, no, I’m not excited about this tour. I have a feeling it’s going to really piss me off more than anything else, but it’s not like I can’t go. After all, BSB owns half of my heart. How can I ignore the fact that they’re here? Lol.

PS: the song isn’t bad…I’m just dreading the aftermath and what it will mean for fans like me. Damn you, bandwagon jumpers!

PPS: if radio starts playing this song after YEARS of ignoring new Backstreet material, I am going to be LIVID!