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My current mood…

23 June 2011

…is best described through Ms. Emily Haines, as more often than not.


A Dedication:

21 June 2011

Love you.


I Can’t Wait to be a Mom (she says with sarcasm/evil)

15 June 2011

Best believe that if it ever happens, this will be my parenting approach.

You know you want it. Download on Amazon for FREE…for now.

And yes, I had to put that qualification in the subject because some freaks might actually think I’m serious. No, no friends. Not this girl. Not today. :-)


One of the greatest moments in cinema

7 June 2011

One of these days

30 April 2011

Ursula Has Arrived

Before I take my last breath, I will transform myself into the sea witch Ursula for Halloween. This is just too amazing for words.

Speaking of too amazing for words, if you haven’t seen this token of beauty yet, you’re missing out:

Disney has a whole campaign with various celebrities portraying characters and it is just so great!


Oh, How Prophetic.

31 August 2010

This was my absolute FAVORITE Chipmunks episode when I was little, years before I first visited London and fell in love. Strange and ironic, but awesome! I also grew to LOVE “You Keep Me Hanging On” by Diana Ross and the Supremes. Of course I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time, lol, but I loved it anyway. I would rewind it to that part over and over just to listen.


Bath & Body Works, I love you

23 August 2010

Even more than I did before thanks to your new “Spook-tacular Boo-Tique!”

PS: Can’t wait for autumn and my favorite holiday!!