[Like Button] Gil Scott Heron

25 July 2011

Thank you, “True Blood.”


[Like Button] New Patrick Stump

28 June 2011

Click to listen!

Intelligently, I know this is about The Chi, but the beauty of a song like this is that it could be anyone’s home. YAY PHILLY!


cd282237 – Custom Line-up for ACL 2011

23 June 2011

cd282237 – Custom Line-up for ACL 2011.


My current mood…

23 June 2011

…is best described through Ms. Emily Haines, as more often than not.


A Dedication:

21 June 2011

Love you.


Like Button: Hell: The Sequel

17 June 2011

For me, The Slim Shady LP will always be one of those albums that no matter how much time has passed, I will remember exactly where I was when I fell in love with it and “Bad Meets Evil” was one of the best songs on there. Even before the beef, you could tell Em and Royce had the potential to blow up…and not in a good way. In a way, that love/hate relationship was so appealing because it was sexy and dangerous. In the end, they managed to produce something great!

I knew this collabo was happening, but I forgot about it until I stumbled upon the album on iTunes today; the cd came out Tuesday so I’m not all that late. I think “Above the Law” is my favorite, and it sure as hell describes my feelings over the past few weeks. Buying the album now!


I Can’t Wait to be a Mom (she says with sarcasm/evil)

15 June 2011

Best believe that if it ever happens, this will be my parenting approach.

You know you want it. Download on Amazon for FREE…for now.

And yes, I had to put that qualification in the subject because some freaks might actually think I’m serious. No, no friends. Not this girl. Not today. :-)